Community involvement and outreach.

Informational poster designed by Richelle Tanner from the West Marin K-8 Science Festival, showcasing the work of the Stillman Lab.

NNOCCI alumnae educate the San Francisco State University Romberg Tiburon Center staff, faculty, and students on effect framing of their research. From left: Allison Arteaga, Athena Copenhaver, Richelle Tanner, and Sarah Ferner.

National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI)

I started as a Science Fellow in the Central CA Pilot Study Circle of NNOCCI in 2017, and have since joined the governing council as the chair of the Science Partnerships Committee.


This organization brings together informal educators to change the conversation on climate change in aquariums, zoos, conservancies, and everything in between. See what we do HERE.

We also have a free webinar series that focuses on recent topics in climate change, most recently including the indigenous perspective on climate change research. You can register and learn more here.

I bring my framing skills to all types of outreach - scientists, K-12, government agencies, and community workshops. I create presentations and written materials to help all members of my community better understand and communicate their ideas about climate change. If you're interested in learning more, I am happy to bring a NNOCCI workshop to you! Contact me here.

National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB)

I'm a question writer and judge for this high school trivia bowl about the marine sciences. Fun fact: my high school team placed 3rd in 2010 in the Washington division, the Orca Bowl! Get involved HERE.

Community Resources for Science (CRS): 

Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS)

At UC Berkeley, I wrote lesson plans for teachers to use in elementary and middle school classrooms and taught each lesson for a pilot semester in East Bay schools! Get involved HEREContact me for lesson plans (specializing in K-8) here.

My very spirited team at the NOSB Orca Bowl in Seattle, WA in 2009 and 2010. 8 years later, I volunteer to see teams just like mine compete in Northern CA! I'd say NOSB successfully made their impact on me!

Outreach activities I participated in at the University of Washington while in high school and middle school. Taking kids outside to experience field work first hand has a huge impact!

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