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Reviewing the Keystone XL Pipeline: Part 11

It is getting down to the wire for the Keystone XL Pipeline as contracted workers threaten to take their work elsewhere. TransCanada is looking at other options, some of which will take the oil to China. This could be a good thing for the US environmental concerns but not the global concerns because the oil is still being harvested and transported. If it were to go to China, that would be even more harmful to the environment because it is travelling further. The threats of TransCanada could potentially be good for Obama’s career as president because it would shift some of the decision making blame away from him. He would still bear the responsibility of losing the project, but he would not be flat-out rejecting it. There is still hope that he can make the right decision and reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. As it has been stated before, the pipeline would not solve our oil problems, it would only prolong them. The jobs would be permanent for the next decade at the most, so that argument is hardly valid. The argument for the pipeline is purely political and it should be rejected.

The sources this week come from both Canada and the US. The article from the Calgary Herald highlighted the anxious nature of TransCanada as well as gave a general overview of the pipeline story thus far. It seemed very expository and displayed the very frank explanation offered by TransCanada executives regarding the inevitable sale of the bitumen. The Human Events article (a very conservative news source) vehemently pushed for the approval of the pipeline while trying to disgrace Obama’s decisions. It was very biased and raised few points that have not been said already in a less diplomatic and more discourteous way.

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