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Last day of learning! (jk)

Somehow, I have graduated. This year has not been what I expected or wanted, but I have grown immensely because of it. As I find myself graduating for the last time, I cannot believe how short this journey has felt (maybe because it has been a little truncated) yet how many amazing experiences I've packed into it. I know the work has just begun, and I'm so excited for what the future holds. There's really no point in this post other than to shamelessly share some of the awesome photos that Lindsay and Brian orchestrated, but I'll share some of the 10 most surprising things I've learned in grad school. No specific order and probably not focused on school things at all.

1. Evolutionary biology is not boring. Turns out I've been studying it all this time. Talk about a frame of mind shift.

2. I willingly pull all-nighters if a low tide is involved.

3. Friends from grad school will do ANYTHING for you. ANYTHING. (Looking at you, Lindsay)

4. You can't bury yourself in research forever, although the time you spend doing it to avoid personal issues will greatly advance your career. This is not good advice but I'm a hypocrite because I did exactly this. Take it as you will.

5. I still don't understand population genetics and probably never will. Even after I publish this population genetics dataset. I don't even know what I don't understand that's how much I don't understand. AHHH!!

6. Hot tubs are great motivation material for writing your dissertation. One hour of writing, one glass of wine by the pool...rinse and repeat.

7. I know very little about invertebrate phylogenies and I have no interest in knowing more. Sorry not sorry.

8. I am capable of doing anything, including moving to the one place I vowed I would never even visit again: Washington State University.

9. Academic jobs are all about who you know. Ok, I already knew this, but now I actually believe it. Academic families are no joke.

10. Grad school was one of the best and hardest experiences I'll probably ever have. Thank you for everything, Berkeley. For your lessons in what I hate, what I love, what not to do, and what to absolutely do - I've learned so much and am proud to be a graduate.

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